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 The Wave Extinguisher

Force SV was founded by two electrical engineering majors at George Mason University. Seth Robertson and Viet Tran collaborated in their senior project to create "The Wave Extinguisher". From their viral success, they have been featured on major news outlets such as: CNN, Time, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Gizmodo, Popular Science, and many other major media outlets.

Viet Tran

Electrical Engineering

Recent Electrical Engineering, B.S. graduate from George Mason University in May 2015. Born and raised in Arlington, VA, he is the co-inventor of the 'Wave Extinguisher' device that uses sound to put out fires. Tran has a dynamic background in research and positions with hands-on experience. Tran has had various research opportunities to explore the realm of science and engineering. His first research position was at The Krasnow Institute for Advanced Studies.  Currently, Tran is working as an Associate Electrical Engineer at Zodiac Aerospace, a leader in aircraft systems and equipment.

Seth Robertson

Electrical Engineering

As a Virginia native from Newport News, VA Seth received his Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University in May 2015. Seth is the Co-Inventor of the 'Wave Extinguisher' a device that harnesses the power of sound to extinguish fire. Seth has experience in Naval defense as a systems engineer in which he worked for BAE Systems on the AEGIS Radar system. He also has experience with the federal government at Hanscom AFB, MA as an electronics engineer in which he worked on the Battlefield Air Communications Node (BACN) used by the United States Air Force to provide continuous communication to military soldiers.

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How it Works

Force SV uses low-frequency sound to suppress and extinguish fires. This revolutionary technology can be applied to automated systems and ensure the safety of nearby personnel. Current fire extinguishers use toxic chemicals which can further damage valuable equipment and cause harm to the person utilizing the extinguisher. We aim to revolutionize the fire protection industry and innovate safety. There are a myriad of applications such as: kitchen, chemical facility, automotive vehicle safety etc.

Our Solution

Our solution is to use acoustic fire suppression to address multiple types of fires. Many people panic in the instance of a fire and are not educated on the types of fires that exist. When addressing a fire, you need to use the specific fire classification specified for that fire. With this acoustic fire suppression technology, it will be able to address multiple types of fires and also protect people and equipment from harmful chemicals.

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Jan. 2020: USPTO Utility Patent has been awarded to Force SV LLC

* All ties & business agreements have been terminated with ARSAC

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